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Cute robots designs for Tinker the Robot

At Tinker the Robot (, young kids at 9 or 10 years old can learn how to design and build robots like a professional. Their service is all about "Monthly Series Designed by Engineers to Spark the Engineer in your Child".

Nikki Studio designed some cute robots and dinosaur characters for their project - which are based on the real scientist in history: Newton, Ada Lovelace, Bright brothers, etc. We had a great time working together to bring the characters to the final image from Tinker the Robot's creators with their great ideas and sketches.

Some robot designs we made for their project:

Instruction booklet design:

Some photos from their Website & Facebook, with excited kids enjoying the tech lab and learn engineering & robotics:

You can also buy their Robot Build Series with monthly robot boxes from their website (

Some among the client's reviews during this project:

You can order your own robot design here:

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