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The Amazing Skin They're In Book - a children's book by Scott Linney

"The Amazing Skin They're In Book" is an amazing children's book project that Nikki Studio worked on the illustration step, Publisher 411 (the publishing agency), and Scott Linney - the book author. We took 45 days in total for all the drawing processes, from taking the brief from the client to completing all illustrations.

Credit: photo from

"The Amazing Skin They're In Book looks at the physical characteristics of animals and the terms associated with appearance. Children are given the means to describe what they see in nature and the ability to make comparisons. They also learn how skins are used in the products humans use daily. Illustrations by Nikki Studio will amuse and delight." (From the author's website)

Here is what we got from the publishing agency for the initial drawing ideas:

And we turned it into some first sketches using ProCreate - a drawing app on iPad (of course there were some revisions after that, but here is the first sketch version):

And here we turn the sketches into full-colored illustrations:

Final illustrations on mockup images:

Book cover design:

Client's review after our project was completed:

If you are interested, here is the link to check out the book on the Amazon KDP store.

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