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Chatterbub Signing School - Learn Baby Sign Language

This project was far back in September 2018, when Melanie Horner - the Founder of Chatterbub Signing School - contacted us to have some character designs to illustrate her very first course of Baby Sign Language. This project is based on ASL (American Sign Language), but in a simpler version that even a baby under 1 year old can learn and have fun communicating with their parents using just their hands!

Here is Melanie's idea when she talked about her course: "Baby sign language will help your baby communicate before they can speak. Signing with your baby will help you understand your baby’s needs faster and will help them acquire language skills faster. I also guarantee more happiness. You baby will be happy as you’ve met his/her needs, and you’ll be happier as there will be less crying and frustration!"

You can find more about Chatterbub Signing School online course "The Chatterbub How-To Guide for Baby Sign Language" online course here:

We are happy to share to you all a FREE coupon with access to the course (which worths $47!). Please enjoy the course for free with "chatterbubvietnam" when you sign up for Chatterbub Signing School here.

In this fall 2021, we are happy to continue working with Chatterbub Signing School with new character mascots for BSL (British Sign Language) and also AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language), so the course will be spread more to the European and Australian learners.

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